Floor Standing Display Units

Call 01493 853732 to take advantage of this exceptional promotional opportunity!

Our Floor Standing Display Units offer an exceptional advertising opportunity.

Not only do our new floor standing leaflet displays offer the general public a wider range of leflets to select from but for any business type they present a low cost and effective promotional opportunities too!

Purchase a large headerboard or baseboard advertising space and be sure your advert will be seen in high footfall locations by people passing or browsing the stand. So with 50 new floor standing displays and a further 25 new display units planned, we will have a location that’s a perfect fit for your business.

Header boards are totally flexible and can be changed throughout the year at a low replacement cost. Why not compliment your leaflet with a headerboard advert to promote a special event?

Header board adverts are 660mm wide x 300 mm deep, printed full colour on durable material and mounted onto Diabond board backing.
The Base advert is 600mm wide x 410mm deep and printed on a durable card and protected by a clear plastic cover.
Your advert can be changed to suit your current promotion for a small replacement and printing fee.
Call 01493 853732 for more details as new sites are continually being being added.

No artwork for your featured advertisement? Let us prepare it for you for only additional +20% of the overall cost.
Information Point Panel artwork is free of charge for a venue who consents to a Floor Standing display.

Smart Ads - Advertise the smart way with A5 size advertisements

Smart Ads from Best 4 Promotions Norfolk incorporate NFC mobile phone technology so you can interact with your customers at point and provide various call to actions depending on your goals.
Smart Ads convert at a far higher rate and have a greater ROI through engagement alone.

We are well known for our leisure industry leaflet distribution and our publications, Floor Standing Displays and Best Days Out leaflet display units serving both Norfolk and Suffolk

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