Introducing an exciting marketing opportunity for all leisure related businesses.

Why not include our best Days Out touch-free online leaflet service as part of your yearly marketing mix?... your digital leaflet and information can be simply accessed by a user scanning one of our 2,000 QR codes on their phone with links directly to your website. Users will be taken to our online vault of leaflets, offering all thats great in the East of England.

Smart Rack Plaques...

Smart Rack Plaque Information Points take advantage of the mobile technology available in everyone’s hand. Smart Rack  Plaques feature a QR code which will take prospective customers to leisure industry information in their area by linking directly to  

Why should I print less leaflets and how will my business be seen?

One huge advantage we have over other online competition is our extensive distribution network of venues. Thousands of plaques containing a QR link to your information will be featured in a diverse range of outlets such as Guest Houses, Hotels, Holiday Cottages, Railway Stations, Leisure Centres, Shops and our own range of leisure related publications. The sheer quantity of plaques in the marketplace will ensure that the links to will never be far away from prospective visitors throughout the East of England. Initially Smart Racks can be used in conjunction with your paper leaflets enabling you to print far fewer for the same or better response. Everyone carries a phone so why carry leaflets around too?

Can I include information of my choice?

Yes, by being included in our annual subscription you will have the opportunity to supply your own leaflet or banner advert with direct links to your own website. If you are having a special event such as Halloween, Christmas or Summer Spectacular then we’ll simply update your link to point to your specified landing page. (A small charge applies).

We've made sure it works on a mobile phone?

QR (Quick Response) Codes can be read and understood by mobile devices and will direct customers to our website.

Play Video features 16 categories to list your business and will feature your promotional leaflet with links back to your website. Totally touch-free service to use as a stand alone or in conjunction with your paper leaflets.

Smart Racks UK have created an exciting range of Smart Rack Plaques for interiors and outdoors, here are some questions answered...

Yes – The Smart Rack will continually count how many times it is accessed.

It will allow you to see the popularity of your listing, and how often it is accessed along with the users location and is continually updated based on user interaction.

The platform allows your leaflet to be viewed from all over the country. This is ideal for tourists who maybe planning a trip away and want to see attractions and venues in other areas.

Depending on your contract with Best 4 Promotions, a Smart Rack customer can purchase additional promotion space making your leaflet appear higher up the screen. This would be on a rotation basis along with other attractions and businesses.

Best 4 Promotions will have the ability to customise and curate a ‘hero’ section on the platform – providing space for premium listings. One week Best 4 Promotions may decide to show the ’12 Best Restaurants’ or the ’12 Best Attractions’ The platform will have unlimited options for all our customers.

Yes – The Smart Rack system will pinpoint your venue on a map

Smart Rack plaques will be displayed in hundreds of Hotels, Guest Houses, Holiday Cottages, Railway Stations, Shops, Attractions in fact any venue related to the leisure industry in the East of England.

Smart Rack Plaques starts from as little as £695.00; this cost is broken down as follows:

A  £695.00 yearly subscription charge payable 14 days after initial order.

For your yearly subscription charge you get:

Your single leaflet listed in 2 categories on

Why not feature additional information or a special promotion on a Hero Banner Advert for only £150.00 (Only 12 spaces available per region).

You can add an additional leaflet and be featured in two categories with a 50% discount.

A4 Mini Plaques are available for inside use such as bedrooms in Hotels and Guest Houses, Holiday Cottages, Pubs, shops, take-aways etc where there is less wall space. You can now add to your room facilities throughout your accommodation and have touch free access to information across the East of England.

Find out more...

To find out more about this promotion please contact or telephone 01493 853732.

To create your annual subscription or for more information please contact us using this form.


Smart Racks QR code is scanned using a mobile phone and links to

Browse categories and select  attraction etc…

View selected attraction etc…

Click link to go through to website…

Bespoke Plaques are available... please send form above for details